1999 Mount Mary Quintet


1999 Mount Mary Quintet

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The 1999 Mount Mary Quintet is a great Quintet, rated 97Pts by Jeremy Oliver.  The Mount Mary Vineyard is planted to Cabernet sauvignon (46%), Merlot (26%), Cabernet franc (18%), Malbec (5%) and Petit verdot (5%). The percentage of each variety that goes into the final blend changes with the season as factors such as fruitfulness and fruit set. The greatest influence wine makers have over the quality of this wine is deciding when to pick each variety, this determines not only the flavours but the quality of tannins, and the acid and alcohol levels. The fermentation regime is similar to that of the Pinot, although slightly longer, (up to 10 days). This is followed by 22 months on barrel maturation, with 25% of the blend in large format oak (1500L or larger), and 30% in new barriques (225L).

Mount Mary Quintet is one of the best wines made in Australia.  The vineyard is situated on northern, well drained slopes, and historically has been regarded as an exceptional site. Established in the early 1970’s by Dr John Middleton and his wife Marli, the reputation of Mount Mary has spread well beyond the shores of Australia with serious wine collectors world wide snapping up any stocks that happen to find their way onto the markets.

Wine Makers tasting note from

2008 – Very complex and clean aroma. Good flavours and richness, lots of good ripe tannins, medium bodied, nice balance, needs more time.