Orders generally take a day or two to process as all wines are stored in an off-site secure professional cellar which we visit most days to collect wines and process orders. If you order on a Friday or over the weekend, your order probably won’t be shipped until the next Monday.

Returns and refunds

If you have any concerns about a wine or any wines you have purchased on WineAuctionHouse, please contact us to discuss via eMail [email protected] or call Dave on 0423 021 028.

WineAuctionHouse acts as an agent for unlicensed registered private collectors (vendors) who engage us to sell their fine wine.  We do not have a return or refund policy on pre-owned wines as they are not brand new and we do not own them.  If a wine listed for sale does not contain a tax component then it is a secondary wine market wine (pre-owned). We can re-sell any wines you have purchased from us.

All wines offered for sale are as described so please read listings in detail. We will not send you a wine/s that are not accurately described. For example, you may order a 1996 Grange.  We won’t send a 1996 Grange with a damaged rear label or a 1996 Grange with weepage issues.  If a bottle offered for sale has a damaged label it is described in detail in the listing. 

WineAuctionHouse makes reasonable enquiries about the provenance of all wines. We inspect all wines before offering them for sale and check them again before sending them to a buyer.

The buyer assumes any risk of lost, theft or damaged goods during transit. Sometimes old wine labels are fragile and deteriorate with age, they can be damaged further during transport. Sometimes corks on old wines fail unexpectedly during transit. This can occur due to movement and vibrations, again we are not liable for damage to any wine that has occurred in the post. In this example the wine will not be covered by insurance.

Many wines listed for sale on WineAuctionHouse are old and rare wines. In some cases, these wines can be past their peak drinking window and may be not up to your expectations. WineAuctionHouse accepts no responsibility for a wine purchase from us, being not up to your expectations. Please consider this risk carefully before making your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us or you may wish to contact the winery or winemaker prior to any purchase or to discuss your drinking experience if the wine does not measure up to your expectations.

If you have any questions or concerns please email [email protected]