About Us

Hi, I’m Dave Tribolet and I hope you are well? I’m going OK. A little about me. I’ve been selling Australia’s finest wines online for unlicensed vendors and private collectors since 2007. Wine Auction House Pty Ltd our ABN is 40 129 288 991.

What is WineAuctionHouse?  OK, I don’t auction wine.  There are enough people who do and I want to be a little different.  I sell via agreed prices and commission.  If you sell your wine through us, I’ll set it all out for you in an inventory.   I can get sales done quickly which means you’ll get paid out quickly, usually within 3 business days of me taking possession of your wines.  I have worked hard and built great relationships with wholesalers and other licensed wine traders over the last 10 years.

My business is 100% legit, literally (I sound like my teenage kids). I am real and everything I do is real.  I deliver.  It’s not my intention to disappoint you should you sell your wine through WineAuctionHouse.  Since 2007, I’ve never missed a beat, don’t worry, you are in good hands.  Occasionally some vendors ask if I will run off with their wines and not pay them out.  Why I won’t run off with your wines: Firstly I’m not a good runner, I’m out to 6m25s kms, (that is without carrying a box of wine).  I use to run 4min 10sec kms when I was younger.  You’ll be able to catch me now.  I have heard carrying bottles of wine and running at the same time is tricky.  If you can’t catch me then I’m sure the Police will.  I use to work for them too, I did 15 years with Victoria Police.  It was tough, I saw some things.  Met some great people, made lots of good friends.  It shaped me into the person I am today….  coffee and donuts etc, but I’m a good manager of time because of it.

The following things are real.  My ABN – it is real, you can look it up.  My Liquor Licence is also real and you can look that up too.  My website & email address are real, they’ve been with me since 2007.   My contact phone number is real, it’s about 20 years old and my name, well it’s been with me since 1970.  The ATO also know me as I have been audited and have passed with flying colours. 

There are a lot of unlicensed wine traders out there.  They want your wine, Penfolds, Henschke etc.  They contact me often wanting Grange, Bin 707 and Hill of Grace.  I prefer not to deal with them.  Currently, there is a black market with high end wine (Penfolds, Henschke, Rockford, Bass Phillip, Burgundy & Bordeaux) doing the rounds. These bottles are literally going around and around in circles, trading hands, swapping, exchanging etc, it is full on.  These unlicensed traders don’t pay overs, they demand the best and want to pay nothing.  They don’t issue invoices, they do not pay gst or tax, but I do.  I’ve been audited by the ATO, I passed.  I am certain these unlicensed traders have not.  I contribute to the economy, I pay company tax, these unlicensed traders do not.  I only deal with long standing established and gst registered traders when I sell your wine. 

If you own fine wine such as Penfolds, Henschke, Cullen, Mount Mary, Bass Phillip, Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy and don’t have a liquor licence I can help you.  I can sell large quantities quickly with very low commission fees.  It is worth contacting me for a free valuation. 

Dave Tribolet – 0423 021 028 

[email protected]

ACN 129 288 991 – ABN 40 129 288 991.

Liquor Licence 36106260 – Victoria. 

All wines are stored off-site in a wine storage facility.